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Hi, welcome to my blog! Residing in a beautiful village in Somerset, I am the proud owner and matriarch of a blended family when a few years ago one plus two became two plus four. On the whole we are lucky, all four children ranging from nearly 18 to almost 10 get along well; sporadic moments that shatter the calm notwithstanding; and we have embarked on a shared parenting routine that allows room for all equations, we even have occasional evenings without any children!

However the one area that continues to provoke the most… tension? Is mealtimes. Our family is made up of a carnivore, a vegetarian, a gourmond and a fuss pot, and whilst I eat for fun more than fuel my partner is very much from the school of thought that expects plates to be cleared, regardless!

I LOVE food, both prepping and eating it, I get my most enjoyment from knowing I’ve created a meal that everyone has savoured and devoured. As you can imagine this doesn’t happen serendipitously, I spend hours pouring over foodie mags and websites, hunting down menus and recipes I can adapt to suit the varying demands. I also LOVE writing and so what better use of my, relatively limited, spare time than to document the trials and tribulations of having half a dozen for dinner!


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